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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Today is Button Day

Do you save buttons?
Do you buy the strip of five buttons when you only need four?
Or the little bag of a dozen cute buttons when you only wanted
the one with the fancy edge?
Do you cut the buttons off of a blouse or shirt that is too worn
to be sent to Goodwill?
Do you have a button tin to keep all those wayward buttons?

I do.
 Yes, it formerly held a fruit cake.
Almost all good tins formerly held a fruit cake.
You throw away the cake and keep the tin.
I love tins.

I have a tin full of cookie cutters.
I have a tin holding miscellaneous pens and pencils.
(It's cute.  It's a little Charles Chips can.)

My Grandmother had a button tin.
My mother had a button tin.
Sad to say,
I don't know what happened to either my Grandmother's or my Mother's tin
but I now have a tin of my own.
The buttons in my Grandmother's tin were old and interesting,
mine, not so much.

Oh, here's a cute article about keeping buttons.


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