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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Happy Birthday, ARPANET

It was 44 years ago today .....
UCLA said "LO" to Stanford
...... and crashed

but it was just the beginning.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


++ boucle ++
A type of yarn, usually three-ply and having one thread looser than
the others, that produces a rough-textured cloth
yarn with loops producing a rough, nubby appearance on
woven or knitted fabrics

either way ..... b-o-u-c-l-e ..... spells "trouble"

I imagine this yarn would be much easier to knit than to crochet.
I used the skien I had to make a scarf using only single crochet.
As long as I had the same amount of stitches on each row,
I was happy.

 It made a nice, soft scarf 
and you really can't tell where the mis-stitches are,
I'm pretty sure there are quite a few.

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