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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 18 is Single Tasking Day

That means
“Stop trying to do 25 things at one time.  Focus and finish something.”
If you are a crafter,
I bet you have lots of projects in various stages of progress.
I have an afghan I am currently working on for a little guy
who is growing out of the precious baby afghan
I made before he was born and his parents asked for another one
just a bit larger.
I chose a pattern that I thought might be a bit more little boyish.
It’s the Little Boy Blue Blanket
from the February 1994 issue of Crochet World.
It is basically the basket weave pattern and I am making it larger.
It took about a dozen rows for me to become comfortable
with the pattern.
I just started my fourth skein of yarn and I’m wondering
if the blanket will end up a square or a rectangle.
since I want to finish this before he graduates from high school,
all my other unfinished projects are still on hold.

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