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Friday, February 13, 2009

And the walls came tumbling down ...

Well, our wishes and hopes for the New Year seem to have been dashed. And to make matters worse, Puxitawny Phil predicted six more weeks of winter. It's even gloomy and cold here in sunny California.

I recently learned that a lady who was a monthly staple in "Crochet World" magazine passed away last February. She was on the cover of the very first issue in 1978 and, I believe, her last article appeared in the August 2008 issue. She wrote several columns for the magazine and was also a consultant for House of White Birches (another needlecraft publication.) She was a crocheter and crafter all her life. She won awards for her hand-made collector's dolls. Dawn Thompson was a very busy lady with her crochet, cross-stitch and dolls as well as activities with her church. In addition, she was an award-winning author of gothic romance novels.

I find it interesting that creative people tend to find more than one way to explore their creativity.

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