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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Another February ....

Another year has come and gone. Punxsutawney Phil says Winter is on its way out. (Could'a fooled me.) My daughter has celebrated another birthday. Time marches on.

Once again, I've resolved to finish all my unfinished crochet projects...several of which were on my last year's list. I feel like Sarah Winchester.

My house still looks like a storeroom. There's furniture in places I don't want it to be. There's boxes everywhere. Some are things we have yet to go through that belonged to my MIL. Some are things that belong to my son who is still in transition from here to his very small apartment he shares with his new wife.

We lost our cat who was was 18 years old last November and have just filled the empty spot with a puppy. His name is Rascal and he has brought a lot of joy into our household. My husband is convinced he has helped reduce his blood pressure. My daughter, who was devastated by the loss of her cat, is smiling again. And me, well, the house no longer feels empty when everyone is away at work or school. Now, instead of talking to myself, I'm talking to the dog.

Here's hoping that this winter is on the downside and 2007 is on the upside.

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